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Approval from Others and its Importance Recognition for one’s achievements is an innate aspect of why we do what we do. If we perform a task at a high level, some want others to witness their performance. However, when we discuss Love, people look for acknowledgement from others that would be better served if instead it came from themselves. Wanting to feel something vicariously through the eyes of a loved...Read More

Sneak Peek #4

Without a volcanic eruption, Hawaiians wouldn’t be living on the land that they so gracefully inhabit today. It’s perfect that a natural disaster gave birth to the beauty that we now know as the archipelago chain of islands called the Hawaiian Islands. Could this be what you are going through? Remember, you are the “I” of the storm. What this means is that the more your ability to see safely...Read More

Sneak Peek #3

The key question you must ask yourself is this: Am I willing to accept that some of it was my fault and I made choices that got me where I currently am?Because after all, we’ve made many of the choices.Bear in mind, our need to be right can get in the way of our need to heal.  That little question, “Am I willing to accept that some of it was...Read More

Sneak Peek #2

Playing is a way of being—just like being angry, sad, or frustrated is a way of being. The former shows up when you are feeling great about life, and the latter finds you when stress has you captive. To turn this around, you need to create momentum with change. When you figure out how to become captivated again, you can reactivate your natural sense of joy and wonder. When this...Read More

Sneak Peek #1

One day, while walking along the Waikiki boardwalk, I got an idea for a television show. I could interview guests about what love meant to them and start an entirely new idea from my inner questioning. I was elated when my friend was just as excited as I was about the show’s premise. She even helped me get certified with the camera and then produced a program focused on love...Read More