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Course Description
Your Own Understanding is all about you!
An examination of choice-making that reflects your consciousness, well-being and creating personal and beneficial practices. You will discover the best version of yourself; becoming aware of the various levels of your life’s self-care. As a result you will create contributions to your family, community and the world in a conscious manner. It all begins with you…

This course provides guidelines and action steps for establishing patterns of self-care in the areas of awareness, mindfulness, setting boundaries, letting go, forgiveness and self-love. You will experience both reflective and interactive exercises as you elevate your self-awareness. Opportunities to share what is working your life and what is not will present themselves. You will identify your stress, tolerance baseline with razor sharp precision. Initiate a self-understanding of how to create the life that you deserve and want. You can leave an abundant legacy of good in your wake.

Course Learning Objectives
• Clearly articulate the benefits of conscious self-care.
• Identify potential self-care deficiencies and incorporate preventive measures.
• Differentiate and mediate your various dimensions of self-care.
• Create a daily, weekly, and monthly self-care plan for spiritual nourishment.
• Demonstrate a priority for self-care on multiple levels of wellness.
• Recognize and self-correct unhealthy old patterns.
• Incorporate compassionate self-care techniques that are situation appropriate.
• Make thought-filled choices that shift energy in healthy and life-enhancing ways.
• Make requests from significant others to support desired shifts in consciousness.

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