The Book

The Benefit of the Ex

Making love visible when everything changes…

The Benefit of the Ex is about breaking through the barriers that keep us from experiencing our true nature as love. It presents inspiring ideas for transformation in a way that is completely accessible to anyone, to reveal and explore the universal laws and principles that underlie our very existence as human beings in relationships. This book is an extremely real and practical manual for understanding why we love the way we do, and how to transform our lives into our highest vision by making love visible in our lives today.

Expected Availability in November 2019.
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What is your story?

Have you considered exploring how gratitude, deep inner work, and being receptive to receiving the benefit of a bad situation can serve as the foundation for growth after a conscious divorce. You can create an entirely new conversation about the good that comes from marriage, divorce or any relationship and how people benefit, in spite of the circumstances.  Risk and write your story. Live on the edge of your life and take control. You will be the first to heal your own wounds. Making love visible begins with you.

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