Sneak Peek #4

Without a volcanic eruption, Hawaiians wouldn’t be living on the land that they so gracefully inhabit today. It’s perfect that a natural disaster gave birth to the beauty that we now know as the archipelago chain of islands called the Hawaiian Islands. Could this be what you are going through? Remember, you are the “I” of the storm. What this means is that the more your ability to see safely to the center of the storm is obscured, the scarier the journey feels.

When we seek Love, it takes action to find it. Some of these actions will be joyful, like seeing a beautiful view from the top of a peak. While, some will be painful, like having to climb up a steep mountainside when it is slick with fresh rain. Putting in the work required to make the most of your life is important. Avoidance can be easy. Asking yourself “what would Love do?” may change your life forever. It forces us to find the inner courage to commit to action.

Getting Around Fear

You are the captain of your own fate, and setting sail is all part of the job description. Bridging the gap between what you want and what you have to do to get there can be a little scary. Like walking on a rickety wooden bridge in the Hawaiian jungle for instance. If we fall, others may see. And if we get across, they may think we are crazy for trying something so ridiculous. However, getting over the mountain is simply a metaphor for getting over your fear.

**Notes from “Sneak Peek” gatherer Jazzy supporting June’s book and learning for herself: I love this part!!! I have a million excuses why I would avoid love, such as past pain and failed relationships, but then love is so great and unrelenting that it comes straight at me and there is no hiding from it. I then have to decide to be brave and choose love.

Here is what people are saying about “The Benefit of the Ex”

“Change disrupts our usual way of being and surrendering what was familiar can be a very tough situation that is extremely challenging for many of us. The Benefit of the Ex guides the reader on a journey to the love deep within and prepares the heart and mind for a greater expression of that love. Thank you, Ms. June Dillinger, for this honest, phenomenal book that shows us how to let go, and then… how to receive so much more than we ever thought was possible.”
Rickie Byars
Director of Music & Arts
Agape Int’l Spiritual Center Los Angeles, CA

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