Sneak Peek #2

Playing is a way of being—just like being angry, sad, or frustrated is a way of being. The former shows up when you are feeling great about life, and the latter finds you when stress has you captive. To turn this around, you need to create momentum with change. When you figure out how to become captivated again, you can reactivate your natural sense of joy and wonder. When this occurs, all sorts of changes will happen. You will feel alive and become determined enough to keep trying it until you begin to lighten up. Can you be captivated again? What would reactivate your natural sense of wonder? It could be creating a vision board for all your dreams to be up on your wall or taking a trip to somewhere you imagined since you were little. Lighten up, relax, and let the changes flow through you as you become the unfoldment of love in motion.

Having the courage to feel a sense of awe and wonder isn’t difficult. Likewise, creating momentum enough to change your attitude isn’t hard. But there are a couple of guidelines that might influence you towards fixing a bad attitude. 

Here is what people are saying about “The Benefit of the Ex”

“This is a book so filled with interesting and wise observations about life events we all experience. It made me think about things I’ve been through in a totally different way, giving me perspectives about my life events which were revelatory. For the better. I started planning to read it again as soon as I finished it. Thank you, June.”

Angelo Pizzo 
American Screenwriter/Film Producer 
Hoosiers and Rudy

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