Sneak Peek #3

The key question you must ask yourself is this: Am I willing to accept that some of it was my fault and I made choices that got me where I currently am?Because after all, we’ve made many of the choices.Bear in mind, our need to be right can get in the way of our need to heal.

 That little question, “Am I willing to accept that some of it was my fault?” acts like a sticky note pinned to the front of your forehead; every time you want to cry, scream, or call a friend to vent, remember that it is there looking back at you in the mirror. The truth is we have no idea who we are. We know deep down what it is like to be authentic, but we are also overly concerned with what others think of us. This is what I like to call the “looking good” program. It runs in the background of our mind as a safety mechanism and gets triggered when we are afraid to be vulnerable. We will do anything we can to avoid looking inward; seeing ourselves for who we are can be a nightmare!

This journey is about stepping out of the shadows and into the limelight of your heart so that your actions echo your soul’s calling. To take ownership of who you are, you have to realize that you can’t consciously give yourself to someone one hundred percent until you have given one hundred percent to yourself. There will always be a piece of you that is neglected if you don’t pay attention to you first. 

A relationship, whether it is with a partner, a church, a friend, a pet, a hobby, or an addiction, cannot require everything from you. It can only take a piece, and it can only take what you allow it to. That is the secret to relationships: A relationship is only as strong as the magic you put into it.

**Notes from “Sneak Peak” gatherer Jazzy supporting June’s book and learning for herself: This is key to life. A lot of people can’t see past others mistakes to realize they had their own part in it. Some people do realize a mistake they have made but can’t admit it and it never gets healed in the relationship. Everyone should realize this powerful thought. It takes one to know one. Forgiveness is key in every situation. 

Here is what people are saying about “The Benefit of the Ex”

“June reminds us that when we love, accept, and forgive ourselves, we are free—free to love, accept, and forgive others; free to get past our pain; free to make our love visible; and free to experience life in exciting and profound ways that we never dreamed possible.” 
Dr. Kent M. Keith
Author, The Paradoxical Commandments

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