Client & Participant Love Notes

I heard June speak directly after being in a sound journey with Eric at a public library in a gigantic shopping mall. I sat with strangers throughout but experienced us all the same as both June and Eric wove their work together and invited me to discover unique ways to change my point of view and see my life with positivity.  The value of both gave me a centered feeling and ideas that I could walk away with, putting them to use immediately.  Not the way I usually spend a Sunday afternoon and completely worth every single moment! Thanks to both of you for coming so far to be with us in Chile! Please come back soon. ~ Cynthia Mall Plaza Sur in San Bernardo, Chile

Having June speak for our college and the students in the alternative medicine program gave them a clear vision for themselves on how their beliefs effect their choices and how to tap into them to break through and create the future they seek. They discovered a new confidence in their choice for education with our school and a renewed sense of self for their future career. ~ Christian  IDMA Instituto del Medio Ambiente